1000 S Prairie Ave

Inglewood, CA 90301

Curtom-Dunsmuir was responsible for the construction of the 1,800 S.F. Lake Park – Pump House as well as the 500 S.F. Restroom Building both located on the South side of the beautiful Sofi Stadium Lake Park. The Pump House is the heart and soul of the Lake Park, which houses one-of-a-kind pumps, filters and other large equipment required to keep the lake operational. The Pump House contains two (2) 25-foot deep and five (5) 15-foot deep below grade tanks with all equipment mounted on a suspended deck at ground level. Curtom-Dunsmuir hired and managed over 10 different subcontractors to complete this historic project on schedule and within budget. Many of our subcontractors were minority-owned contractors satisfying another project requirement.
The Restroom building located on the South-East end of the Lake Park is the only restroom facility on the grounds. Featuring France-imported plaster and beautiful radiused corners, the Restroom building is another unique element of the Lake Park.

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