Meet Our Managing Partners

Curtom-Dunsmuir is guided by Brenda J. Curry and Ronnie Jones, who offer a wealth of knowledge, insight and nearly 70 years of combined industry expertise.

Brenda J. Curry


With 30 years of construction experience as a General Contractor, Brenda Curry helps oversee every aspect of the company. This includes the organization of staff and subcontractors into a cohesive unit to complete the work properly, efficiently and on-time while monitoring construction quality to ensure every Curtom-Dunsmuir project is built to last. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Diversity Council for Target, working side-by-side with the retail giant in the creation of programs that increase diversity at Target construction projects. Brenda’s special recognition has included Who’s Who, and Dollars & Sense Top 100 Business and Professional Women. She also garnered Contractor of the Year honors and was featured on KTLA’s “Making It” Woman of the Year.

Ronnie Jones


Ronnie Jones has more than 37 years’ experience as a general contractor, and an additional 15+ years of experience with government-assisted housing programs working both at the agency level and as a political appointee. At Curtom-Dunsmuir, Ronnie helps oversee all the technical aspects of construction activity. He also monitors staff with oversight on all contracts, subcontractor performance, work quality and diversity—and provides staff training. Recognition of his efforts to promote workplace diversity includes awards from the U.S. Department of Commerce, White House Conference on Small Business and Century Freeway Housing Program. Ronnie sits as an active member on the Diversity Council for Target Corporation.


When you bring together and empower a team of competent, hard-working individuals who possess the strength of a solid character, great projects get built.